1:1 Private: One-on-One -Transformation


Every individual is unique; therefore, the consulting service is tailored to the individual’s wants/needs/desires.

A session can go from 20-90 minutes. After presenting the issue to Teri, she’ll remove the underlying causes and reasons combining different methods, ranging from psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics. The client will only need to relax and wait for a few minutes and the changes will take place. The client will feel relieved of the issue previously presented.

Depending on the type of situation, transformation or goal desired, the consulting/coaching/mentoring service may be required for anything between 1-3 days or 3-12 months- depending on the situation and the desired results.

Also, depending on the individual’s needs, the sessions may take place as regularly or as often or irregularly as it is in the highest interest of the client. It is as convenient as having the sessions on Zoom/Skype/phone; But it can be also in person, when more support is required.

Some people believe they should achieve things on their own, with as little but effective guiding as possible, and some like somebody to hold their hands when going through tough times or transformation – therefore the coaching program will be tailored to the client’s personality and needs.



For the concerned company looking to enhance the work environment, retain (senior) staff, and create an efficient and empowered workforce: 

Customized, small group (4-5 members)/team/department courses to enhance performance effortlessly and with ease.

This service is customized to the individual company’s needs:

One-Time Course (length and intensity to be determined)

Quarterly courses/trainings (changing habits and ways of thinking are best assured with refreshers and follow-ups; Enhancing performance is only possible with personal development, with support and an accountability partner to guide you all the way to the top

Conflict Resolution


Conflicts you can resolve by yourself don’t need outside help.  

But there are some situations where you’ll save a lot of headaches, breakups, pain and money by hiring an unbiased, neutral, non-judgmental, skilled professional, who can look under the hood and fix the problems that are invisible to the ‘emotionally involved naked eye’.

A few examples:

Disastrous conflicts among employees where no amount of argument helps to make them see eye-to-eye. These conflicts can be also created by lack of communication because of fear or many other reasons. 

An unresolvable issue with business partner came up and it can ruin the business.

Unable to stop fighting with spouse/partner

Want to save the marriage but don’t know how to go about it because the harder you try, the harder you fail