With a bachelor's degree in education, Teri is a natural coach and facilitator with years of professional experience. Having lived in 4 countries and after meeting successful professionals across the globe, Teri noticed an overriding theme with successful workers. Today’s modern professional is overworked, underdeveloped, and overburdened with the complexities of the work environment bleeding into the home life. After struggling with her own professional burdens, Teri discovered, studied and got trained in  a variety of effective methods to resolve and dissolve stress, doubt, depression, low self-esteem with ease using a combination of psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics.


Teri focuses on shifting behavioral frameworks and mindsets, guiding her clients through transformational processes that help her clients achieve both their professional and personal goals. 

Welcome to a calm, non-judgmental environment

Teri’s worked with people from many different industries… e.g. medical - doctor, dentist; high-tech industry - engineers; auto industry (Mercedes)- secretary to top manager, to name a few, and welcomes clients from all walks of life. 

About Us

Founded in 2016, Calm Coast Consulting began transforming professional’s lives in Germany through innovative sessions with professionals of all ages and industries. With individualized coaching, Teri works hand in hand with clients, ensuring they are receiving the support they need no matter where they are in their career path.

In 2019, Teri is back in the Unites States, and continues to help transform professionals' lives so they can achieve what they want effortlessly - a smooth and stress-free environment at work and/or at home.  

List of Things Calm Coast Consulting can help with



Social Anxiety 

Self-Worth/Esteem issues

Deadline Anxiety 


After effects of a Divorce/ Break-up/Abandonment/ Betrayal 


Shame/guilt/blame/embarrassment/approval, etc

Work-Life ‘Unbalance’

Emotional Eating 

Public Speaking Anxiety

Conflict Resolution/Elimination: 

In Business: 

Business Partners/Owners

Competition (unfair lies, accusations, copying)

Employee-Manager ‘disagreements’

‘bad chemistry’ in team

In Private Life:




About calm coast consulting


Teri is The Go-To-Expert on making you feel great in your skin again, achieving personal goals that seem difficult to attain- regardless of the circumstances/obstacles– and changing your circumstances in your favor


 Teri is a Mentor/Consultant/Coach and The Negotiator for busy, high-powered professionals who want to achieve more, doing less without stress.